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Are you sick and tired of looking in the spare room full of old junk that you never use? Storage companies specialise in offering storage space to solve all types of storage problems.

Over time, most homes and businesses accumulate an excessive amount of extra bits and pieces that are rarely needed or used. Often all of this equipment is taking up valuable real estate within your home or office. In order to get youself organised, it can be a worthwhile decision to outsource your storage space. Many people find having a big clear out to be very therapeutic. However the thought of throwing or giving it away is sometimes not an appealing option. Rather than dragging it to the next car boot sale, it can be a prudent decision to simply relocate your goods to a self storage facility.

The need for additional space can come in all sorts of forms. These include such things as seasonal items like christmas decorations or sporting equipment. These are commonly bulky and yet are only in demand for a short period during the year. For the rest of that time it is sitting around in boxes. Renting or leasing a self storage space will help reduce your burden and free up space for more useful purposes.

Self storage facilities are commonly available under a monthly lease price. You will usually have your own private lock and key to access your storeroom space. They are available in a varying range of sizes to accommodate different needs.

When you hire or lease self storage space, it not only offers you the extra space but it gives you confidence that is is being held safely  and securely. You also know that it is a clean and dry professionally managed environment. The personal or business lease of private units ensures that you have full control over your own space and they are commonly open for most days of the year for convenient access.

Self storage companies usually have security precautions including fencing and video surveillance. However access controls and restrictions do vary, so it is extremely important to confirm exactly what they offer. In many cases, there is no or limited insurance coverage and this remains the responsibility of the owner to ensure their possessions are protected.

Things that people generally use storage for include: 

  • Bicycles and motorcycles
  • Boats and trailers
  • Documents
  • Excess stock
  • General household items
  • Retail items (displays, shelving, etc)
  • Ski and other sporting equipment
  • Wine

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  • Self storage
  • Business storage 
  • Home storage


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